CourtneyRey!™ I am the mad hatteress

CourtneyRey, 21, Reno, NV.

I am a double major in Anthropology and English. I love my school and my UNR family more than words could explain.

I am a My Chemical Romance fan to the max. I love music so much, and would love to be a concert photographer, but am going to be a mortician. I am a concert junkie, feeling the music pulse in your body while crammed in-between hundreds of people who share the same love as you is the absolute best feeling in the world.

My favorite season is winter. I love the cold weather, snuggling in blankets, drinking hot chocolate, snuggling with those you love, watching the snowflakes drift lazily to the ground and the twinkling of lights as Christmas approaches.

I am a closet makeup junkie. I love M.A.C. more than anything. I love glitter, high heels and dresses, yet hardly wear them, unless it's a special occasion.

I would love to know each and everyone of you!

Throwback to the Pirate Crawl with my main wench @haileejhey #piratecrawl #collegelife #longlivethepurplehair

Let someone love you just the way you are – as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as unaccomplished as you think you are. To believe that you must hide all the parts of you that are broken, out of fear that someone else is incapable of loving what is less than perfect, is to believe that sunlight is incapable of entering a broken window and illuminating a dark room.
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Finally have all the special edition 100th issues of “The Walking Dead” comics framed and hung! #littleprojecteverynight #walkingdead #nerdlove

Spying on le fiancé building his tank model. O_o (at Mejer Home)

Just finished saying the rosary in memorium of the 40 days that have passed since Erika’s passing. I am humbled by the hospitality, generosity, and strength in her family. She truly had an impact on the world around her.

Water park time! #myjobisbetterthanyours (at Goett Family Park)

The love of my life <3 next to Mike of course.

Received my first voxbox from! They send you complimentary products to test and you simply give feedback! This box has press on nails from Broadway Nails, Secret Outlast Deodorant, Osis hair texture powder, NYC Big Apple Red lip gloss and a Tasty Kake Kandy Bar Kake :) #imPressRevolution #WhiteMarksFail #OsisLove #TastyKake #Applelicious

Photo challenge day 5: outside. I’m cooped up inside writing papers, but it is raining outside and smells so so so good :) definitely my favorite weather! :D

40 days til graduation…… (at The Quad)

50 days until I graduate on this gorgeous quad!! <3 (at The Quad)

Horror movie in the early morning! Number 100 on the list. #horrorlove #horrormovietop100 (at Mejer Home)

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My Chemical Romance


The Ultimate MCR Mashup (includes every MCR song ever)

The Video is here (worth watching)

Lyrics are here

The amount of pills I’m taking, counteracts the booze I’m drinking.
And this vanity I’m breaking, let’s me live my life like this!
if they get me and the sun goes down.
And if they get me take this spike and you
can’t wear in front of me.
A kiss goodbye, your twisted shell.
As rice grains and roses fall at your feet
Let’s say goodbye the hundredth time.
And then
We’ll solve the mystery of laceration gravity!
This riddle of revenge! Please understand it has
to be this way! Stand! Up fucking tall, don’t let
them see your back!
To the middle of the day that starts it all.
I can’t begin to let you know just what I’m feeling.
And now the red ones make me fly,
And the blue ones help me fall.
And I think I’ll blow my brains against the ceiling.
And as the fragments of my skull begin to fall,
fall on
Burning eyes.


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im going to miss thwm so much thanks for one hell of a ride guys

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Will visit someday:

Highgate Cemetery - London’s Most Haunted

Highgate Cemetery is steeped in supernatural lore. Constructed out of need with six others in the early 1800s, with London’s population nearing a million and the death toll rising, there was no more room to bury the dead. This cemetery is one of the most famous in the world, with many notable historic figures, such as Karl Marx, buried there.

The architecture of the cemetery is truly unique. In the heart of the grounds is an eccentric structure called the Egyptian Avenue which consists of sixteen vaults, entered via a great arch. Each vault fits twelve coffins, purchased and used by individual families. This avenue leads to the Circle of Lebanon which was built in the same style consisting of thirty six vaults. A separate gothic-styled catacomb, named the Terrace Catacombs, has an additional fifty five vaults.

But what lures most people to the cemetery are the legends and myths that include ghosts, a vampire and other unexplained phenomena. Spirits coming out of the mausoleums, a glowing woman who roams the paths in between the graves, a man in a top hat, and misty floating beings that hang around the tombs are just some of the the spirits that inhabit the cemetery. Its the account of the “Highgate Vampire” that makes the site legendary.

The first report was in 1970, when a young man reported that he had seen a dark figure resembling a vampire in the cemetery. Since then, hundreds of claims of suspected vampires continued to be reported. Helping the belief along was the fact that dead foxes, with their throats torn open, kept turning up on the grounds. Aside from ghosts and a resident vampire, Highgate Cemetery is a hauntingly beautiful place to spend eternity.

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